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    Lawrence Cawood

    It gives us great pleasure to announce that we've finally completed this long requested feature! You can now filter the data source of the web part to make it show only users in a certain office or department, or based on any field rules that you specify.

    After installing the update, you'll find a new group called DATA SOURCE when you edit the display options of the web part. There you can create rules that specify which users should be included in the web part by default.

    To update, download the latest free trial version, run it on your SharePoint server and choose the "Upgrade" option. Everything will be updated for you automatically.

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    Lawrence Cawood

    We are working on some ideas around how to implement this feature. Currently we're thinking along the lines of a setting that allows admins to set a default office, department or location. Once set, the Staff Directory will always filter by that office in addition to any other filters that are applied (same for departments and locations).

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