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    Lawrence Cawood

    This feature has been completed and will be released in version 1.5.0.

    We've also included some of the other features requested in this thread:

    - "Show Less" option in the sidebar
    - Line wrapping for long offices/departments

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    Bill Mabrey

    Are we able to modify the XML or other properties to reference Company instead of Office?  We have 1 main office but 4 - 5 companies within that physical location so the ability to show Company is much more important.  If possible, where would this be done?

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    Lawrence Cawood


    That is not currently possible, but we definitely want to include this feature in the next version.

    We'd like to give you the ability to choose any of the available fields as sidebar filters if you wish. This would also include your own custom fields such as Company.

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    Just curious to when the next release is planned in which the webpart includes these sidebar filtering additions?

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    Lawrence Cawood

    Hi DeanG,

    We unfortunately cannot give a date as to when the next Staff Directory web part release will be, however we'd love to get a new version out with this functionality sometime within the next few months.

    We are currently working on upgrading all our products to SharePoint 2013 versions, and once that is complete we will be able to focus on adding many new features to our web parts (both the 2010 and 2013 versions), including this feature request for the Staff Directory.

    I hope this helps.

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    John Christopher

    Hi, for the sidebar, would also like to see the capability to enable line wrapping in the Office/Department virtual column. Noticed that these entries don't currently wrap and it pushes further right to grab precious screen real estate from the search result space if you have some longer department names.  Maybe there is a way to set the relative percentages of available web part width for these areas?

    Also would love a "Less" link option to again collapse the Office/Department lists after they have been expanded.

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