Wildcard profile exclusion




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    Lawrence Cawood

    We recently had another suggestion relating to this, which would be to exclude by other 'objects' as well, such as excluding by department, group or job title.

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    Jeremy Bond


    See my post

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    Lawrence Cawood

    We've added the wildcard profile exclusion functionality to the Staff Directory. It will be released with the next version.

    Here are some examples for how the exclude profiles by wildcard works:

    - DOMAIN\john* will exclude DOMAIN\johnsmith and DOMAIN\johndoe
    - DOMAIN\*ley will exclude DOMAIN\ashley and DOMAIN\hayley
    - SVC\* will exclude all accounts within the SVC domain
    - *\john will exclude the john account from all domains
    - john will exclude every account that contains the word john

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    Lawrence Cawood

    This feature has been completed and will be released in version 1.5.0.

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